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Your sketch (free)

What impression do you make on others? And how do you view yourself? What are you extremely good at? And what not? Just enter your name, date of birth and gender and be amazed about your sketch.

His/her sketch (€ 0,99)

Always been interested to know how a particular person really is? What qualities does he have? How is her self-image? Now you can take a peek! Request someone’s sketch for just € 0.99

Your match (free)

How are you successful together? Do you make the most of each other? Discover it in a fun way with the match. After requesting someone’s sketch, you can free match!

When strengthening the relationships in your team, try out Smipe! This quick tool stands guard for succes.

Marc Lammers

Smipe challenges you in a tantalizing way to think about yourself and your relationships. A nice mirror to anyone!

Frits Sissing

I’m not very talkative, and don’t like psychological tests, but I definitely liked this way of self-reflection!

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The more great relationships, the more happiness.

We wish everyone great relationships, in all circumstances.